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​I am so honoured to be a member of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa worldwide and it is a privilege to tell us, who the Neo-Blackman is.

We are members of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa world-wide; this implies we should be aware that as members we have an obligation to carryout. We have a cross to carry and service to deliver. In a clear note, NBM has a goal which is “Equal Right and Social Justice for All” and as members it is our duty to drive all our actions towards attaining this goal.

This topic “Who is the Neo-Blackman?” is a very important topic because most of us members of this great movement do not know our responsibilities; it should be noted that as members of NBM, we are role models and development-inclined individuals. This implies that we should not be found or associated with immoral and illegal activities; most of us are active violators of laws, perpetrators of various crimes that is destroying the NBM’s image world-wide. If you do not know, we are a great movement with a great task of upholding and sustaining the Black race; when our members have no orientation that will help us execute our task, and then we are doom. This has made me to come up here to tell us who the Neo-Blackman is.


​The Neo-Black Movement of Africa world-wide as an organization emerged to save the Black race from inequality and injustice, thereby contributing to the development of the Black race. NBM has chances of attaining her goal “Equal Right and Social Justice for all”; but her chances have been narrowed because her members have not been well articulated and guided in her doctrines. NBM at her inception employed Neo-Blackism as her ideology, this ideology came up when there was observed compromise of the ancient Blackism ideology (the betraying acts of some ancient Blacks); there was need to agitate new measures of promoting and sustaining the Black race. Thus, the Neo-Blackism ideology was adopted by NBM who emerged in 1977 as an organization that has obliged her to tackle and help promote the Black race; Neo-Blackism is a contemporary African ideology that came up to re-structure, re-orient and equip contemporary Africans to mend the loop holes of the ancient Blackism.

Neo-Blackism is not a negative inclined ideology as some people see it; it is an ideology that should be inculcated in all Africans, gearing them towards studying and knowing the African land and understanding her diverse people and culture. It is an ideology that fosters equality in all spheres of the Africa land despising status-quo. Neo- Blackism as an ideology foster the vitality of Africans to Reason, as one united people that has Courage, and promising they will possess Grace to be conquerors (Reasoning+Courage=Grace). It is an ideology that foresee sustainable development for Africa as it task Africans to be steadfast in reviving ancient Africa culture; ancient Africa dynasties and kingdoms; ancient Africa traditional religion as well becoming proud of who they are (Africans).

Considering the ideology adopted, this implies that any member of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa is a Neo-Blackman; as a Neo-Blackman, one must adhere to the principles of Neo-Blackism. He is one that must rationally think and be courageous in attending to matters that affect the Black race; he must be patriotic and be ready to persevere at all expense to ensure he attains the goal of NBM.

The Neo-Blackman is one that venture in activities that drive towards re-claiming of Black ancestral knowledge; he is one that acknowledges that the possession of ancestral knowledge will build in Blacks the immune gadgets that will remove western civilization and install a new dawn of Black civilization. He is one that is anxious to patronize and accept Africa values, beliefs, ethics and norms; an individual who is against xenophobic attacks among Africans.

Considering the afore-gone, Neo-Blackman has the following characteristics:

• One that is capable of promoting activities that will encourage black people towards the full exercise of African human spirit, the re-awakening of all its inventive, creative and moral capacities.

• One that can stand against all acts of racial contempt and conflict, exclusion, discrimination and intolerance.

• One that can encourage in researches on African traditions and culture.

• One that can internalize and create realistic approach towards providing solutions for Africans problems.

• One that can enhance and promote the image of Black power all over the world. ​​​​
There is no smooth way to success, as there are hurdles, constraints as well as obstacles that pose on the way but the zeal of one’s perseverance establishes one’s success in whatever situation he or she may find himself or herself. The Neo-Blackman is bound to experience series of constraints as some Neo-Blackmen have backslidden while some others have triumphed over confronting constraints.      

The following are some constraints that can confront the Neo-Blackman:

• Tribalism
• Religious differences
• Organization policy implementation
Tribalism as a constraint of the Neo-Blackman

​Tribalism as a prevailing factor poses as a constraint to the struggle of the Neo-Blackman; this problem is associated with some Neo-Blackmen as they tend to uphold their tribes of high-esteem to other tribes; they at all cost establish policies that will favour their tribes. Tribalism is a problem that looks like a fluid in our veins; it is a problem that is destroying the Neo-Blackman’s zeal of attaining NBM’s goal of Equal Right and Social Justice for all.

Religious differences as a problem of the Neo-Blackman

​Africa is a continent with diverse religions both adopted and indigenous, it is a land that is spiritually conscious; she despises whatever it takes to establish their success in spiritualism. Most practiced religious in Africa can be categorized into three: Christianity, Islam and Africa Traditional Religion. These religious groups have gravely affected the Neo-Blackman’s quest for sustainable Africa development as they create contradictory doctrines; their beliefs differs and also varies from societies to societies. For instance, in the Christian group, there are sub-groups with different views and interests likewise the Islamic and the Africa traditional religious groups; these diverse views coming from religious practices in Africa had foiled the pace of the Neo-Blackman to combat oppression and betrayal in the continent.

No doubt most Neo-Blackmen are religious and do not dwell in events against their religious beliefs which adversely affect decision-making as well as policy formulation in their quest to combat oppression and betrayal.

Organizational Policy Formulation as a problem of the Neo-Blackman
​The establishment of organization as well as the success of such organizations largely depend on the policy initiated; how it is initiated who and who initiates it and how it is been implemented. Policy formulation is a vital trend to the success of any organization, thus it should encompass vital opinions and view as it will affect them. The policy formulation is a constraint of Neo-Blackmen in their zeal to execute their duty for NBM. The Neo-Black Movement of Africa has a sole-aim of liberating Africa and establishing sustainable development in Africa; this implies that all policies formulated revolves around their aim but the presence of intervening policies that are contrary show disunity and disagreement in decision-making process of the organization. This kind of policy will yield no progress but more hatred and disunity among Blacks; this has made it a problem of the Neo-Blakman.

This paper explained Neo-Blackman as an individual member of NBM that is guided by the Neo-Blackism ideology which has guided NBM since her inception; the Neo-Blackman is one that can liberate the Black race from external control and become full independent and competent in handling her affairs. The Neo-Blackman is a the sole-hope of NBM in attaining her goal of Equal Right and Social Justice for all.

Furthermore, the paper which posited some problems that can restrain the Neo-Blackman’s quest for executing his duty for NBM has brought up the following recommendations as solutions to the problems:

1. The Neo-Blackman should be patriotic in dealing with African affairs.

2. The Neo-Blackman should establish standing policies that will detest nepotism, tribalism and cronyism for active governance.

3. The Neo-Blackman should map out strategies and measures such as peaceful protests, campaign, conferences, seminars and workshops to sensitize both African leaders and the followers of the adverse effects of the negative concepts of tribalism, religious differences and policy formulation which have long foiled  the pace of Africa sustainable development.  

4. NBM decision-making should be at all cost be made by her members, there should be no third party in the decision-making of NBM affairs

5. NBM intellects should be hunted and utilized for NBM productivity

6. The persistent cold-war which entails grievances that exist between NBM members should be avoided and unity in diversity established

7. NBM elites who are rich and famous should invest in NBM

8. And finally, the NBM culture and tradition of initiating members and choosing leaders should be upheld to a high esteem by all

Revolutionary Regards

- Umudjere Africaman