Article 2


By Umudjere Africaman

A people without power cannot make any change in a society they belong; Africans without power cannot put in place all they have lost or redirect the Africa vehicle that has be and is be driven under the auspices of imperial control.

The United Africa State which we agitate for is not a tribal/ethnic nationality but an Africa political entity graced with tribal nations bounded with a unity of purpose thus it is imperative we will address our needs, resolve our issues and acknowledge our efforts not on tribal/ethnic affiliations but on a political territorial quest for sovereignty and development

The United Africa State is the dream for the realization of full Uhuru for us Africa people; it is the earlier proposed vision of Ancestor Kwame Nkrumah and subsequently buttressed by present day agitating Pan Africanists. This vision was earlier antagonized by Julius Nyerere of Tanzania in 1963 at the Organization of Africa Unity Conference; though he later regretted that decision but unfortunately his stand against the United Africa State was so supported by other Africa independent states that foiled Kwame Nkrumah’s hope of establishing the United Africa State. The United Africa State might seem odd as many will ask:

What is the United Africa State?

How can we achieve the United Africa State?

What are the benefits of the United Africa State?

What is the United Africa State? - The United Africa State is the disbandment of all authorities accrued to all sovereign countries in Africa and establishing a one country Africa called the “United Africa State”; Here, the various resources (Natural Resources, Human Capital, Security Assets and all therein Africa) in the various countries in Africa will be harnessed together for the betterment of Africa and not the Western Countries.

The United Africa State which presumably was the dream of Kwame Nkrumah and later buttressed by Mummar Gaddafi will afford Africans a United Defense against the imperialists and a United Africa Nation-building for our Development

How can we achieve the United Africa State?

It is no longer news that we are just independent on paper and enslaved mentally; we still service and pledge loyalty to the imperialists who have all these years exploited us of our resources. It is also necessary to say that It is not new that Africans are suffering at the expense of our rich resources; the only way out is the United Africa State and it is important we know how to achieve this.

The pathway of achieving the United Africa State is total devotion to Pan Africanism; some of us that are not conscious of what Pan Africanism is will ask:

What is Pan Africanism? - Pan Africanism is an ideology that professes an inward and outward love for Africa and her people; it is the ideology that equips one who subscribes to it, the skills to harmonize Africa resources for the betterment of Africa and her people.

The United Africa State cannot be achieved through ethnicity, religion supremacy, political party supremacy; it can only be achieved when we dedicate our actions to Pan Africanism. To achieve the United Africa State, we must set the following as our targets:

1. Africans’ consent to the Referendum for the United Africa State

2. Dissolution of all independent countries in Africa

3. Dissolution of all independent countries’ political parties

4. Establishment of political parties for the United Africa State

5. Establishment of the United Africa State country

Benefits of the United Africa State

The Africa people can be powerful to cater for their losses and reclaim their lost fate when they establish the United Africa State; the United Africa State will guarantee us the following benefits:

1. An African Central bank for Africa people

2. An Army for Africa people

3. A Central Government

4. A General constitution that binds all

5. An avenue for consumption for made in Africa

6. A Court for Africa people

7. A Single Currency

Please note that the problem of Africa was the problem of USA, China, India and other developing countries of the world. This also requires us to know that the solution that helped them is also needed in Africa; they agreed to have a united government that will see themselves as their sole responsibility.

The United Africa State is our only solution because when this is established we can put in place economic strategies to grow our economies, put in place policies that can address our differences such as cultural, religious, political and ethnical

As we engage in the struggle for the United Africa State let’s not forget this is our only solution and we must not relent nor let go of this chance before us

Revolutionary Regards

- Umudjere Africaman