The Neo Black Movement of Africa, is a Movement that has its origin at a tertiary institution level. 


The original founding fathers of the NBM of Africa were nine (9) undergraduates of the University of Benin.


They were; John Okogie, Nicholas Idemudia, Tokonbu Brown, Uche Alumona, Marvel Akpoyibo,  Olagungu Ojo, Gbolahon Dosunmu,  Bernard Ojishua and Godwin Ehigiator. The pioneer patron of the movement then was Professor Onwuejiogwu (a professor of History and Anthropology).


The premise on which the NBM of Africa was formed was intrinsically to check and balance the seemingly nuances of inequalities and social injustices that are prevalent with the human race.


Thus our founding mantra has remained in line as a Movement that has and will continue to fight for equality and social justice for all.


Presently, as a corollary of enacted vague laws of the FGN in regards to any form of associations presence in tertiary institutions, the NBM of Africa as a law abiding entity had to shut down all activities at the tertiary institution level.


However the NBM of Africa has metamorphosed in the past three decades from a tertiary fraternity to a reputable Global Movement with presence in Africa, North and South America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.


With an estimated global membership of about thirty thousand (30,000) professionals of diverse backgrounds.


The NBM of Africa is a legally  registered non profit organization in the FGN under the purview of the Corporate Affairs Commission



 The objectives of the Movement as originally articulated by the pioneer members were:

1. The redirection of all minds towards Black Realism and Determinism and the inculcation of discipline in the individual both in the body and mind.


2. The prevention of all acts that seek to tarnish the image of the Black people.


3. To seek and conduct research into African Traditional religion.


4. The publication of a regular magazine called the Uhuru, which would serve as the mouthpiece of the movement.

5. To co-operate and exchange ideas with other organisations whose objectives were similar to ours.




The ideology of the movement was Neo-Blackism, which was a complex mix of Intellectual Radicalism, Pan Africanism, Negritude, African Traditional Religion(ATR) practice and research, Fraternal Relations.


The Neo-Black Movement believed in equality and brotherhood of all races and men.


It did not encourage or seek to propagate any teachings or acts of supremacy or the practice of any forms of inequality in any variation based on race, religion, socio-political affiliations, sex, tribe or tongue.


The movement adopted a Motto, which was to serve as it

guiding principle “Whenever there is a cry of oppression, Neo-Blackism begins”.


The Neo-Black Movement does not operate a regimental structure. All members are of equal status irrespective of when they joined the movement. All members are identified as Axemen and Aye is the collective term of endearment.


Before the campus withdrawal, members were of two cadre, students and graduates. We have retained the same two cadres, full members and honorary members. Full members are those who have grown with the movement from their formative years. Honorary members are those who joined outside the institutional structure.


Membership is open to males of that identify with the ideals of the Neo Movement.

Qualifying criteria include.


  • Graduate of a higher institution of learning and of good academic standing

  • Upright and law abiding

  • Over 21 years of age

  • Of sound mind and body


We have an estimated membership of over 2million - 2.5million.


National Convention: - This is the equivalent of an annual general meeting. It is usually around the anniversary of the Sharpeville Day in March.

Black Night: - This is our name for parties where non members of both sexes can attend. This is usually at the end of the year.

Jollification – This is traditional NBM merriment. Here the major entertainment is Egede music with the use of drums and traditional African dance steps

Charity: - NBM members also participate in charitable causes and Zones are required to have one charity event a year. This would usually be around the Sharpeville or Soweto day.


The Axe is the symbol of the NBM. It demonstrates the readiness to confront the most difficult tasks.


The axe is used to break the chain of oppression and social, injustice and other ills that have impaired the progress of people of colour worldwide


The colours of the Neo-Black Movement are Black, White and Yellow


  • Black – Signifies our identification with the Black Race and the dignity thereof

  • White – Signifies Peace and purity of mind and body

  • Yellow – Signifies strength and intellect