The significant of today was once the significance of yesterday and definitely the significance of a proposed tomorrow; there was crisis, there is crisis and there will be crisis because we laid significance to things worth no address or accent.
-Umudjere Africaman

Africa is no longer battling on how to secure their land but no doubt Africa is battling on how to secure the lives of her inhabitants ”Africans”; she has over the years facilitated means not secure her land or natural properties but on how to see the dawn of every new day. Africans have never been so happy than seeing the dawn of a new day; we no longer rejoice so much over acquiring land or other properties because we know these are temporal things that the Imperialists determine when, how and where to utilize them. We only rejoice because we are alive to serve the Imperialists, strike their targets and enforce their demands or needs are meant at the expense of our lives and resources. The outplay of stoogery to the imperialists is enough a reason to stand up on our toes, March in resistance and stake our lives which has become meaningless as collateral NO to the persistent control and manipulation of the Imperialists in Africa and on Africans.

The Tigray’s crisis in Ethiopia is indeed a calling strike towards the United Africa State which has been perceived as the redemption of the Africa people; it has elicited a grave damage to the sustainability of the sovereignty of the Ethiopia people. This will be emphasized in this article and correlate how it has recalling adverse effect or stand on the United Africa State


The Tigray's crisis which evolved on the 4th day of November 2020 has become a bane to the unification of the Ethiopia people and a threat to the sovereignty of the Ethiopia Nationalism; though the crisis has been perceived as a political Strategy and enormously to attain supremacy and significance in Government, the crisis is indeed an invisible plan by the Imperialists to keep us divided. This is to buttress the 1884-1885 Berlin Conference Resolution; instability and consistent call for division; secession has elicited signs of relief to a battling set of people called “imperialists”. Day in day out, the Imperialists are busy putting measures to arrange crisis, unrests and other restive cases to foster disunity in Africa; they are relentlessly pressuring anti-groups in all parts of Africa, be it economic, religious, political, social affiliations and a host of other media.

The Tigray’s region of Ethiopia is significantly one of the regions piloted under ethnic strata; it has through it’s ethnic nationalities fostered an inevitable presence in the control, manipulation and influence of the affairs of Ethiopia. They constitute about 6% of the Ethiopia population and have over some decades dictated influential decisions of Ethiopia. Their paucity for power led to the emergence of the 1975 Tigray’s People Liberation Front and in their sagacity and ruggedity staged an offensive war against the Derg Military which they won and assumed leadership in 1991. This power attained was long lived till the arrival of Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister who is from Oromo ethnic group; this can be perceived as grievous attempt to end the Tigray’s quest for Ethiopia leadership. As discussed in several media outlets, the era of Tigray’s leadership commenced a war against the Eritrean people which gravely consumed lives of Africans and elicited immense poverty and instability in the country. Abi Ahmed's leadership put an end to the war and eventually he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Tigray’s crisis can also be perceived as a political beef between Abiy Ahmed and the Tigray’s People Leadership Front; this can be further attested to the incessant complaints of Tigray’s leaders of been unfairly targeted and illegally penalized in corruption prosecution. They feel unsafe and threatened as citizens; the September election held by the Tigray’s people in the bid to emerge leaders as well as their undiluted withdrawal from the ruling coalition party enforced practical stand of the Tigray’s people objecting against the leadership of Abiy Ahmed. The 4th day of November 2020 witnessed the offshoot of the Tigray’s crisis when the Tigray People’s Leadership Front claimed they had carried a self-defense attack; this elicited severe damages as people were killed, properties and government structures destroyed as well as the looting of weaponry. This enforced a state of emergency in the region. The crisis has lingered through the 5th, 6th , 7th till date with hundreds of people killed and still dying.

No doubt, this is leading to a “Civil War” which is inevitable, there were even calls that the Northern Region had joined forces with the Tigray’s region; though this was announced false by the Ethiopia government but this is really a burdensome task towards sustaining the sovereignty of the Ethiopia people.


The Ethiopian Government like any other government should be on it’s toes when there is unrest or perceived disunity in a terrain it was elected to protect, secure and preserve; it should be on it’s toes not to buttress instability but to establish instability, not to buttress insecurity but to foster security and definitely not condone disunity but to sustain unity. The Ethiopian Government in this likelihood should have employed strategic measures to checkmating factors responsible for the unrest state of Ethiopia; the Ethiopian Government headed by Ahmed Abiy has over the past weeks launched offensive and defensive attacks to and from the Tigray army. They have secured efforts that have killed Tigray people (army and civilians); they have sanctioned the region and put pressure on the region to ensure their army surrenders their war-quest. Hundreds of thousands have died, properties destroyed and many have been displaced for a war some knew nothing about; most painful is the victimization of the region. The war was never a consensus decision but the Ethiopian Government has riddled all fora to engaging all in the region; this has spelt more hardship for the people in the region, thus, telling failed leadership tactics to secure, protect and sustain the country.

Though, this is apt for establishing a discipline state but it’s adverse effects should have been carefully be addressed; it should have followed enshrined measures to exterminating instability. The civilians in the Tigray’s region should have been withdrawn from the tensed areas and put to safety rather than treating them as prospective rebels. The retaliation was not in any form justifiable because many are victims for a war they are novices.


Ethiopia is a country that was inaugurated a sovereign state on the 1st day of March 1896; she has since then lived in promising pace of fostering unity in diversity, procuring measures to grow politically, economically and otherwise. She has survived several leadership and administrations which have been immensely under the leadership of the Tigray’s leadership; they have over the years embattled internal crisis and other forms of restive cases ranging from Political to Communal crisis. The Ethiopia people are a recognized people honoured in Africa and in the International Community. The question here is what does the sovereignty of the Ethiopia people signifies for Africa people and their much desired quest for a United Africa State; the Ethiopian people are citizens of Ethiopia which fundamentally stand out as a member country in the United Nations and the home-host to the Africa Union. They are a people housing the unity of Africa and outrightly since the establishment of the Africa Union projecting consensus agenda for the piloting the presumed affairs of the Africa people.

The sovereignty and stability of the Ethiopia people and the Ethiopia territory is indeed of immense significance to Africa people and their quest for a unified force; thus, we must enforce all measures to keep it sovereign and safe. The sovereignty of the Ethiopia people is under threat with the envisaged crisis or war called by the Tigray’s people and welcomed by the Ethiopian Government; the call by the Tigray’s army to an aggressive note acquiring dominance of control and leadership is an explicit threat to the unity, sovereignty and stability of the country. In as much, there are perceived factors responsible for the ongoing conflict, it is also of preference that the sustainability of peace and stability is most desired; over times we have realized that the more we sweat in war the more blood we spill, this adversely has no fortunate ending for us as a people. Thus, there is need for Ethiopians to rethink and reframe from all that have consumed peace in Ethiopia; they need to recap all that begot peace fostered by Abiy Ahmed when he assumed office as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. The sovereignty of the Ethiopia people which is no doubt threatened must be rescued and measures to sustain it is put forward by all in Ethiopia; the people must not let the Government tackle this alone and this must not be an issue for external influence or determination. The sovereignty of the Ethiopia people is the task of the Africa Union and not the European Union; thus, if the Africa Union fails this task, a resignation letter from its leadership should be expected.


The erection of the Organization of Africa Unity later Africa Union was a perception geared to the United Africa State; Kwame Nkrumah thought, planned and requested for the United Africa State as a Lee way to achieving full freedom for Africa people but unfortunately many leaders then never saw a future light to the request of Kwame Nkrumah. They were blinded with the expected income from their individual country resources; they never assumed the enhancement to Africa and her people in having a great and single income from a unified Africa resources. The collated income from each African state ought to have doubled the presumed income of the United States of America and even the Chinese; we never allowed the prospective hope proposed by Kwame Nkrumah to see the light of the day. Not totally contrary, they emerged the Organization of Africa Unity which they proposed as an near alternative to Kwame Nkrumah's proposal; this has buttressed unity in diversity in paper form but not in reality. The divisive units called countries in Africa have not tolerated each other, they haven’t seen their neighbours as blooders instead Africa people now themselves foreigners in their Homeland, they now sanction their existence and have little or not contributed to self-growth nor that of their neighbouring countries which ought to be their blood. Sadly, the emergence of the Organization of Africa Unity now Africa Union has not elicited any form of unity among countries in Africa; it has wholeheartedly signed the lease and even the execution of their fellow leaders to external powers and countries. The killing of Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Gaddafi, and a host others are evident loss of capacity of the Africa Union

The Tigray’s crisis is no doubt a line that cannot be cut short because the Africa Union has not stood on their toes; hundreds of thousands have been killed, injured and displaced but the Africa Union hasn’t deemed it fit to visit the Ethiopia country defensively and offensively. Notwithstanding, the United Africa State which was proposed by Kwame Nkrumah is still alive to collapse the Imperialists' stooge called Africa Union; Africa needs a one government (United Africa State), one people (Africans), one flag (Red, Black and Green), one army (Pan Africanists), one goal (Full Freedom) and one approach (Unity). The Tigray’s crisis is an undiluted attempt to foil the quest for the United Africa State; it is purported a strategy to keep dividing Africa into Imperialists controllable units; this strategy is no longer new as it has been over-experienced. Sudan divided into two, the Congo following suite and other countries agitating are predominant measures of the Imperialists to divide just further and sustain the resolution of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885. This we have observed and must not fall victims again; it’s time to wake up and start walking the line of full freedom.

The Tigray’s crisis is no doubt a bad tale for the quest for the United Africa State because efforts geared at ensuring the United Africa State emerges in less than a generation has been foiled as efforts have been and are been directed to ensuring peace in Ethiopia, unite Ethiopia and sustain their sovereignty. This has inevitably approved a longer struggle duration for the attainment of the United Africa State; this is also going to elongate our unbearable hardships and daily oppression and intimidation.


To this end, it is hereby recommended:

1. Africa Union but if incapable the United Nations should play host to a center table to  accommodate both parties of the ongoing crisis

2. The Africa Union or the United Nations as the case maybe must dislodge any attempt to wholeheartedly decide the parties' case; the parties must be allowed in agreement to a resolution

3. Tigray’s army and the Ethiopia Government should come to the center table to iron their differences

4. Tigray’s Army should recall division or secession is not an apt way for the redemption of a people but United efforts to drive home redemption of all not a part in the country

5. Tigray’s army and Ethiopia Government should consider the lives list and properties destroyed coupled with the increased hardship of the Ethiopia people

6. Tigray’s army and the Ethiopia Government must put aside any intentions or propositions for violence

7. Tigray’s Army and the Ethiopia Government must avoid any political difference and consent to the sustenance of the sovereignty of the Ethiopia Government

I am writing from the desk of the Chairman, Africaman Development Initiative

In great assurance, I wish Ethiopia a quick recovery from the ongoing crisis

United Africa State Now

Cde. Umudjere Africaman
Chairman, Africaman Development Initiative
Umudjere Sunday Oghenebrorhie (Umudjere Africaman)